White Cement

White Cement

Portland white cement is used in combination withwhite ingredients to produce white concrete for projects to build fame anddecorative work. White concrete often takes the form of precast panels, as itis not economical to use white cement for construction purposes. The cost ofproduction of white cement as compared to OPC and PPC is much higher, thereforein ordinary construction like concrete structures, mortar, and plaster, whitecement is not recommended. White cement is used only in fixing marble tiles,sheathing of walls, floors, and roofs. The white cement is also mixed withwhite aggregate, to construct the floor sheathing and skirting of the walls.The one and only purpose of the white cement is to give charm and decorate thesurface areas of the building. White cement is also added to lime for awhitewash. The combination of white cement increases the adhesivecharacteristic of the lime.

Advantages of White Cement:

  1. Thermal insulation of concrete made of White Portland Cement is better than other types of cement.
  2. White cement is a good reflector to the light. It not only gives good looking and charm to the building, but also it saves energy to enlighten the interior and exterior of the building.
  3. Products of white cement can be recycled and reused in other products at the end of their useful life.
  4. White cement can be applied as wall putty in order to fill the uneven surface of the wall before applying paints to the wall.
  5. The white cement can be used instead of white paint or lime or other whitewash material.
  6. White cement can be used to set the top roof pavers, road and street pavers, marble tiles, and ceramic tiles.  
  7. White cement has a strong waterproof effect. We need not any waterproofing coating on the structure.
  8. The structures made of White cement are able to withstand the highest temperature.

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