Intelligent and smooth surfaces that brightens light and influence spaces to appear grander, look astounding in living zones when utilized on Walls in their expansive arrangement.

Blissbury gives wings to the sense of imagination and aesthetics by bringing you an amazing collection of High Gloss wall designs. Transforming a dreamy area using aesthetic sense, elegance and style.

  • 300x450mm


Wall Tiles

Rudraksha brings to you a wide and premium range of wall tiles with intriguing surface which incorporates the much needed warmth to your living spaces. Textural smoothness & durability combined with fascinating colour schemes open a vast range of possibilities for your indoors.

  • 300x600mm
  • 300x450mm
  • 250x375mm


Floor Tiles

The marvellous designs, spectacular finish & fine detailing of floor tiles ensuring a successful fulfilment of every indoor and outdoor design project. The extensive range of floor tiles includes Polished Vitrified Tiles, Glazed Vitrified Tiles, Outdoor Tiles.

  • 800x800mm
  • 600x1200mm
  • 600x600m



Wood finish vitrified planks with long lasting durability that combines the art of GVT technology with natural matt wooden look.

  • 1200x195mm



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