Wall Putti

Wall Putti

What is Wall Putty and its benefits?

Whenever you want to give a new and fresh look to your house,  is the absolutely correct way to change the ambiance of your home.

You have decided to get your home painted. But the question is – Is it just paint or there are some other things that make your paint finish better and last longer?

Yes, it is wall putty which makes your painting shine, makes it strong and saves cost, too. When it comes to a perfect finish, wall putty is important prior to paint application. So, before you start, it is necessary to know about wall putty.

Let us first understand, what is wall putty and what are its benefits & types.

Wall Putty

Putty is essentially a cementious substance, whose primary function is to even out the surface and create a levelled one for further coats of paint. Putty also helps in filling minor cracks and pores, removing any kind of undulation on the wall.

Putty application is the preliminary step, for long lasting painting results. A minimum of 2 coats would be required.

During repainting, provided the wall conditions are good, without any major cracks or seepage or moisture trouble, putty need not be applied over the entire surface but touch ups to be done wherever required.

In general, wall putty is nothing but the materials with high plasticity which are similar in the texture of clay. It provides a protective smooth base for paint application. It also acts as a filler as you can fill cracks or any patches on the wall. It allows all types of colours to be applied over the walls. Putty comes in different colours and consistency. The good thing about wall putty is that it can be easily used on both exterior as well as interior surface whether it is old or new.


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